As logistics operators (distribution centers, warehouses, etc.) push to differentiate themselves and improve its their business, their major challenge is finding ways to optimize goods flow.

An effective solution to improve Distribution Centers and Warehouse operations is to identify, track and trace goods using RFID technology.

Creativesystems’ CreativeDC platform is the perfect tool to help businesses meet today’s and tomorrow’s operational demands.

CreativeDC platform allows logistic operators to:

  • Perform full and automatic item- level verification, obtaining faster receiving and shipping lead times;
  • Operate cross-docking workflows reducing warehouse space needed;
  • Reduce human error and manual labor, increasing operational efficiency and reducing non-quality costs.

Forward-thinking companies that implemented Creativesystems CreativeDC solution have gained access to mission-critical intelligence, enabling them to enhance their operations and boost their business.

To learn more please contact: sales@creativesystems.eu

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