We help retailers achieve item-level visibility of their entire inventory from beginning to end. Our inventory intelligence systems help reduce retail inventory loss and allow retailers to move inventory to locations where demand is greatest.

Industry-leading Solutions in Inventory Intelligence

  • Intelligent inventory and management solutions
  • RFID tagging
  • EAS tagging
  • Item-level visibility
  • Enhanced inventory and business intelligence
  • Flexible inventory reports

Inventory accuracy is fundamental to the success of any retail strategy and impacts shelf availability, customer satisfaction, and ultimately financial performance of the retailer.

Our Inventory Intelligence solutions are redefining the industry’s definition of optimum retail performance. Inventory Intelligence solutions such as Inventory Visibility, Dual Technology Tagging (EAS/RFID) and Inventory Execution and Analytics are reshaping the day-to-day retail environment, resulting in significant performance gains.

With our solutions now deployed in hundreds of stores around the world, many retailers are realizing up to 99% inventory accuracy. Inventory visibility reduces operational costs by refining processes impacted by poor inventory tracking. Additionally, this practice decreases shrink while simultaneously enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

With our Inventory Visibility solution, you can track inventory accurately and enhance overall store performance. Profitability never looked so promising.

Key Inventory Intelligence Benefits:

  • Revenue Growth
  • Cost Reductions
  • Asset Investment and Working Capital

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