Manufacturing Execution Systems, or MES, are information systems that can provide the right information at the right time to manufacturing decision makers.

In today’s increasingly complex business world, information is power and a MES is key to help Manufacturing plants to achieve high performance operations and results.

Creativesystems’ MES is able to be integrated with different 3rd party systems and allows real time Work In Progress (WIP) visibility, providing:

  • Accurate capture of production information (e.g. labor, scrap, downtime, etc.);
  • Traceability to the smallest identifiable manufacturing operation;
  • Improved visibility of the WIP, allowings optimization and reduction of inventory;.
  • Automatic calculation of several KPIs, including Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE);
  • Production orders optimized towards smaller volumes (down to 1 unit!).;

To learn more please contact: sales@creativesystems.eu

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